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  1. 苏宁卡在线上苏宁易购商城(,线下苏宁易购门店、苏宁超市、苏宁红孩子、苏宁小店、苏宁易购直营店均可使用,仅限购买苏宁自营商品。
  2. 苏宁卡为不记名卡、不计息、不兑换现金、遗失不补。
  3. 苏宁卡凭卡号及密码使用,请妥善保存,避免因密码遗失、泄露等带来个人损失。
  4. 苏宁卡可永久、多次使用。
  5. 更多帮助及规则请登录苏宁卡网站(查询,具体以网站公布为准。
  1. Suning Card is usable online on Suning Tesco Mall ( and offline in Suning Tesco store, Suning Supermarket, Suning Red Kids, Suning Store, Suning Tesco Direct Store. Only available for purchase of Suning self-operated goods
  2. Suning Card is an unregistered card, does not bear interest, cannot be exchanged for cash, and does not make up for it
  3. Suning Card is used with the card number and password. Please keep it properly to avoid personal loss caused by lost or leaked password
  4. Suning Card can be used permanently and repeatedly
  5. For more help and rules, please visit the Suningka website (, which is subject to the website announcement

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