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비트코인 또는 알트코인을 사용해 Starbucks을 구매해 보세요. 비트코인, 비트코인 라이트닝 네트워크, 대시, 도지코인, 라이트코인 또는 이더리움으로 결제해 보세요. 즉시 이메일로 배송되고 계정이 없어도 됩니다. 암호화폐 생활을 시작해 보세요!

🇨🇳 이 기프트 코드는 China

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Starbucks has already opened over 4,400 stores in more than 180 cities in mainland China, employing over 58,000 partners.
For online redeem:
1. Login in"my account" of
2. select "Review all Cards" in the area "Manage Gift Card"
3. choose"bundle a starbucks gift card" and enter the gift card number and Pin and click the activation button to activate
For mobile app redeem:
1. download Starbucks app, register an account
2. in the area"Privileges" select"My Gift Cards" and click"add cards"
3. in the page of bundle starbucks gift cards, enter card number and Pin and click add card button to activate
1. Gift Cards are unregistered cards and may not be declared lost
2. Gift Cards cannot be exchanged for cash
3. Gift card expire 3 years from date of purchase.
4. Giftcard needs to be bundled with Starbucks Rewards account. in advance, available for in-store and online usage

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