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Sandwich Qbano 礼品卡
Sandwich Qbano

Sandwich Qbano 礼品卡

Rating: 3 - 2 reviews

用加密货币支付 Sandwich Qbano 。用Bitcoin, Lightning, Ethereum, Binance Pay, USDT, USDC, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash买 Sandwich Qbano 礼品卡 .电子邮件即时交付。无需注册帐户。用加密货币生活!

🇨🇴 这个礼品卡只能在 Colombia使用
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Sándwich Qbano is a Colombian company with more than 40 years in the market, an expert in the preparation of sandwiches with innovative recipes, fresh and quality ingredients.

Towards the year 1979, a Cuban living in the city of Santiago de Cali, Colombia, established a small business in the garage of a traditional house on 6th Avenue and 28th Street in this city. This consisted of four (4) tables outside the establishment, an interior bar and a Sandwich preparation area, a freezer and an old tape player equipment, which set the scene with music.

BONUS Valid only for the value that appears on the voucher. One-time valid redemption. Its sale or exchange for money is prohibited -In no case will it be negotiable or the value of the bond can be redeemed for cash. Not stackable with other promotions or discounts. If your purchase is greater than that expressed in the voucher, the surplus can be covered with any means of payment. Valid every day, the loss of this BONUS will not have a replacement. In case of loss or theft, it is not possible to block it.
This product worked perfectly, the food was very nice
These cards are hit and miss. When they work, they are great. But it's really a gamble if the worker knows anything about using them. Often they don't know anything about it and just refuse to accept them. This time it made for a terrible gift experience.
BONO Válido únicamente por el valor que aparece en el bono. Redención válida una sola vez. Prohibida su venta o canje por dinero -En ningún caso será negociable ni se podrá redimir el valor del bono por dinero en efectivo. No acumulable con otras promociones o descuentos. Si su compra es mayor valor que el expresado en el bono, se podrá cubrir el excedente con cualquier medio de pago. Válido todos los días.La pérdida de este BONO no tendrá reemplazo. En caso de pérdida o robo no es posible realizar el bloqueo del mismo. Para soporte o ampliar información contáctenos a o al 018000113104









Sandwich Qbano 不接受加密货币,但通过 Bitrefill 您可以用比特币或其他加密货币购买 Sandwich Qbano 礼品卡。然后可以在 Sandwich Qbano 使用此礼品卡
您可以轻松地将您的比特币或加密货币转换为 Sandwich Qbano数字礼物卡。
  1. 输入你想要的Sandwich Qbano 礼品卡金额 。
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  3. 一旦您的付款被确认,您将获得您的 Sandwich Qbano 礼品卡代码。
一旦您购买了 Bitrefill 的Sandwich Qbano 礼品卡,它几乎会立即通过电子邮件发送给您。或者您可以直接从结账页面兑换礼品卡。
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