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OVS Italy


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Utilisez Bitcoin ou crypto sur OVS. Payez avec Bitcoin, Lightning, Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin ou Ethereum. Livraison instantanée par courriel. Aucun compte requis. Commencez à vivre des cryptomonnaies!

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OVS è il primo brand italiano nell’abbigliamento uomo, donna e bambino con oltre 1000 negozi in Italia e all’estero. Distintività, attenzione alla qualità, un continuo rinnovo di prodotto ideato dal team creativo ne caratterizza l'assortimento, che si arricchisce periodicamente di collezioni frutto di collaborazioni con noti designer o talenti provenienti dalle più famose scuole di moda internazionali. La Gift Card OVS non ha scadenza ed è spendibile in un'unica soluzione. La Gift Card OVS può essere utilizzata per un solo acquisto su uno scontrino minimo pari al valore facciale della Gift Card fino a completo esaurimento dello stesso. Possono essere utilizzate un massimo di 8 Gift Card alla volta su un unico scontrino.   OVS is Italy’s top men’s, women’s and kids’ clothing retailer. OVS is where anyone can create their own style in perfect freedom, with on-trend looks, the utmost attention to quality at affordable prices and always with an eye to social responsibility. Today OVS can offer a whole new shopping experience with its online store and its innovative much closer dialogue with the customer through its click & collect services and interactive totems in-store. And that is why, every year, over 15 million clients choose OVS.
1. The OVS Gift Cards (Vouchers) expire and is spendable in one single solution and can therefore be used for a single purchase on a minimum gift card (voucher) value equal to the Gift Cards (Vouchers) face value until it is fully depleted and will not be used to purchase another Gift Cards (Vouchers) OVS. 
2. Gift Cards (Vouchers) are  equivalent to cash: in the event of loss, theft or damage the card can not be blocked, redeemed or replaced. 
3. No liability can be attributed to OVS for any misuse or fraudulent use of the Gift Cards (Vouchers).
4. If the initial value is insufficient to purchase the items you want, the missing amount will have to be paid in cash or by using the other payment methods accepted by OVS. Warning: up to 8 Gift Cards (Vouchers) can be used at a single receipt at a time. 
1. Redeem voucher at
OVS eGift Card (Voucher) is  available on the Xoxoday Store website/Mobile application.
1. Visit Xoxoday Store website/OVS: View and select OVS.
2. Select the  preferred denomination and checkout.
3. Pay via Debit/ Credit/ Net Banking or Xoxoday Voucher/Points: Enter your preferred mode of payment and purchase the eGift Card (Voucher).
This season, get maximum benefit out of OVS. Rather than giving them a generic cliched gift, give them the chance to choose their favourite outfit with the help of OVS eGift Card (Voucher). Go for OVS eGift Card (Voucher) for New Year, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Childrens Day, Valentines Day, your Anniversary or someones Birthday. Bring a smile on your loved ones faces with a thoughtful gifting option for every occasion.
Cannot make your mind about the right corporate gift? How about OVS eGift Card (Voucher) for your employees, clients and partners? With OVS eGift Card (Voucher), you leave the choice up to them to pick their preferred stylish apparel and accessories. You also give them the option of using the gift cards (vouchers)  to buy something for their loved ones. Or for themselves. Use OVS eGift Card (Voucher) to gift your co-workers and unconventional gifts this year. A gift should be loved by the recipient after all and we can guarantee that OVS eGift Card (Voucher) would absolutely be loved in your organisation!
How can I return/cancel OVS eGift Card (Voucher)which I have redeemed?
Regret that it is not possible. EGift Card (Voucher) once redeemed/bought cannot be cancelled or returned.
Where can I use my OVS eGift Card (Voucher)?
You can use your OVS eGift Card (Voucher) at the outlet.
Can I buy an OVS eGift Card (Voucher) using my XOXO VOUCHER/POINTS?
Yes, you can buy an OVS eGift Card (Voucher) using XOXO VOUCHER/POINTS.
How can I know the status of my OVS eGift Card (Voucher)?
Yes of course! Enter your eGift Card (Voucher) code in the voucher detail section. You will know the status of your OVS eGift Card (Voucher) or visit
Alessandra 2021-12-19

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