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Buy a Limited Edition Trabant Model T (1989) with Bitcoin or shitcoins.

🇰🇳 이 기프트 코드는 St Kitts and Nevis

Limited Edition - All sold out. Expected back in stock in 14 days.

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Investment grade, mint condition 1989 Trabant Model T - "It Puts the T in NFT"

Read the full announcement on our blog

Refurbished to mint condition Trabant.

The excellent gas mileage is only matched by the number of bitcoins you can hodl if you get this excellent value-for-money vehicle.

Cryptographically signed - meaning each Trabant is Non-Fungible and can only go up in value as issuance has completely stopped. According to our Stock To Flow financial model the true value should be infinite, pending price discovery.

Now shipping internationally using the IPFS blockchain.

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