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Bitrefill's Netherlands Nature & Decouvertes gift card lets you shop and pay with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, and Litecoin.

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Nature & Découvertes is full of items to tantalise a curious mind, they awaken a lust for adventure and hiking in the great outdoors, rekindling the sense of discovery and stimulating the senses. The concept of the store goes beyond sustainable and fair trade, we offer a range of activities (birthdays, excursions, workshops, etc.) to open the doors of the natural world with enthusiasts.

The Nature & Découvertes gift card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, only in Nature & Découvertes stores in mainland France and on our website.

As part of a purchase on our website, the gift card can only be used for the purchase of products sold and shipped by Nature & Découvertes (excluding delivery by courier and / or Marketplace products), and for free withdrawal from the store.

It can be used, on one or more occasions, within the limit of the available balance in all areas, excluding activities (Children's Birthdays, Walks and Events, Courses & Workshops). It cannot give rise to any change of change but can be completed by any other means of payment accepted by the Nature & Découvertes stores and only by credit card for purchases on the website. The Nature & Découvertes gift card cannot be discounted or given any discount. We recommend that you keep the purchase receipt / invoice for your card, the sole guarantee of the start of the validity period of the gift card.

Les conditions générales de Netherlands Nature & Decouvertes sont disponibles sur le lien suivant:

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