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  • Thor Lightning Channel Capacity

    Usa Bitcoin o altcoins en Thor Lightning Channel Capacity. Pague con Bitcoin, Lightning, Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin o Ethereum. Entrega instantánea por correo electrónico. No se requiere cuenta. ¡Comienza a vivir en cripto!

    Amount purchased is for a channel with inbound receiving capacity

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    Mín: 500000 SATMáx: 16777215 SAT
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    This product is ineligible for earning Bitrefill referral bonuses.

    Thor channels are a great way to quickly introduce friends to the Lightning Network!

    This service allows you to open an empty channel with Bitrefill's node on the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

    You can pay for, or gift, the ability to have a channel opened with any Lightning wallet in order to receive payments over Lightning at any time. You can pay using all supported payment methods, including altcoins.

    Thor channels are kept open for a minimum of 30 days, potentially longer if active.

    You must use one of the supported wallets below to use this service reliably:

    Bitcoin Lightning Wallet

    LND Wallet (Windows not currently supported)

    More info here: Lightning Channel Step by Step Guide

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