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Gift Card Lane Crawford HK
Lane Crawford HK

Gift Card Lane Crawford HK

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连卡佛是面向全球的奢华时装、美容及生活风尚精品百货,亦是汇集众多设计师品牌的专门店。 连卡佛专业买手团队造访世界各地,为顾客精心挑选出众商品。 驻扎香港特别行政区、北京、上海和成都同时放眼世界,连卡佛从品牌璀璨辉煌的 160 多年历史中提炼独特奢华真意。 横跨国际女装、男装、鞋履、配饰、珠宝、美容及生活风尚等领域,连卡佛精心挑选的产品系列全球闻名。 为迎接顾客的到来,连卡佛融汇时尚、艺术及设计,将店内空间转化成引人入胜、屡获殊荣的视觉陈列设计,令顾客沉浸于灵感的解放和激荡之中。 随着 2011 年线上旗舰店的正式亮相,连卡佛成为了全渠道时尚零售商。 通过对个性化服务类别的不断拓展及完善,连卡佛将一如既往致力为顾客呈现优质的购物体验。

Lane Crawford is Asia's leading specialty store, offering the largest assortment of international designer brands across Womenswear, Lingerie, Menswear, Shoes & Accessories, Jewellery, Cosmetics and Home & Lifestyle. It has four stores in Hong Kong, stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Chendu and online store at Lane Crawford is part of The Lane Crawford Joyce Group, Asia's premier international fashion, beauty and lifestyle brand group, including multi-brand retailers Joyce and The Pedder Group, and management and distribution arm, Imaginex. The Lane Crawford Joyce Group operates more than 500 points of sale across Greater China and South East Asia."
1. 如常在 选购,然后前往结帐。
2. 在结帐第二步的付款方式中选择“使用礼品卡付款。 输入您的9位数礼品卡号码 及由9位字符组成的密码,然后点击“使用此卡”。
3. 选择额外付款方式 (如适用)。提交前请检查并确认订单。 请保留您的礼品卡以作产品退款之用。

1. Shop as normal and then proceed to Checkout.
2. On Step 2 of Checkout, select “Pay by Gift Card” as the Payment Method. Enter your 9-digit Gift Card number and your 9-digit alphanumeric PIN code, then click “Apply Card”.
3. Select an additional payment method (if required). Review and Confirm your order before submitting it. Please retain your Gift Card in the event of returning your order for a refund.
连卡佛礼品卡(“礼品卡”)的使用受制于下列条款和条件。 港币面值的礼品卡,持卡人可以在连卡佛香港特别行政区在线商店作为全款或部分付款购买产品或服务。 本礼品卡不可用于支付苹果及三星公司的任何产品的价款或在连卡佛商店的食品和饮料店提供的任何产品或服务。 使用者应记下礼品卡的序列号,并将其置于隐蔽和安全的地方。 使用者必须在任何时候安全保管此礼品卡,并且将个人识别号码(PIN)加以保密。如果此礼品卡未经使用者的允许而被使用,连卡佛不会对此负责或承担任何责任。 过期后,礼品卡内余额将被取消。 使用者可以登录或使用店内的礼宾服务查询礼品卡的余额。 使用礼品卡减免的金额将不作为连卡佛回馈积分。减免后的净缴费金额方可作为连卡佛回馈积分累积。 连卡佛礼品卡仅限个人使用,不能用于任何商业或促销目的,除非获得连卡佛书面授权。 使用礼品卡购买的商品的退换货将根据连卡佛的退换货政策进行。请访问退款及退换获取更多详情。

Use of the Lane Crawford Gift Card (“GC”) is subject to the following Terms and Conditions of Use. The GC is redeemable by the GC holder as full or part payment for goods and services online at the Lane Crawford website. This GC cannot be used to purchase any goods manufactured by Apple & Samsung or any goods or services offered at food and beverage outlets operated at Lane Crawford stores. The user must RECORD the GC SERIAL NUMBER AND KEEP IT IN A SECRET AND SECURE PLACE. The user must maintain secure possession of the GC and keep the PIN secret at all times. Lane Crawford (Hong Kong) Limited is not responsible or liable for any losses the user may incur if the GC is used without their permission. The GC is valid till the expiry date stated. Any remaining GC balance will be canceled upon the expiry date. The user can check the balance and expiry date of the GC at or instore by inquiry through Privilege Program bonus points cannot be accrued when redeeming the GC in respect of the value of the GC but will be accrued in respect of the value of the transaction net the value of the GC. The GC may only be used for personal purchases and cannot be used for any commercial or promotional purpose unless authorized by Lane Crawford in writing. Any return or exchange of goods purchased with this GC will be subject to Lane Crawford Refund and Exchange Policy which may be accessed at Return and Exchange.

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Lane Crawford HK non accetta criptovalute ma Bitrefill fornisce una soluzione alternativa consentendoti di acquistare una gift card Lane Crawford HK con Bitcoin o un'altra criptovaluta. Questa gift card può quindi essere usata per fare acquisti su Lane Crawford HK.
Puoi convertire facilmente i tuoi Bitcoin o criptovalute in una gift card digitale Lane Crawford HK.
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Una volta acquistato una gift card Lane Crawford HK su Bitrefill, ti verrà inviata via email quasi istantaneamente. Oppure puoi riscattare la gift card direttamente dalla pagina di checkout.
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