Go Play Golf

Go Play Golf

用比特币或竞争币购买Go Play Golf。用比特币,闪电网络,达世币,狗狗币,莱特币,以太坊支付。即时邮件交付。无需开户。用加密货币满足您的一切消费需求。

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Go Play Golf

Go Play Golf


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THE CARD FOR ANYTHING GOLF: 5,000 Public Golf Courses – From local golf courses to resorts,      every golfer will find the course that is right for them. 1,000 Private Golf Courses – Be a      member for the day.  Merchandise - Over 100,000 items      of golf equipment, golf balls, apparel and golf accessories. Anything you      can find in your local golf store you can find online with Go Play Golf. Convert your card to a Topgolf      gift card, there's no pressure to be good. Take a swing, score points,      share a laugh or an app, or just throw an epic party.  Golf Lessons - Improve your game      with lessons through PGA teachers at most golf courses. Golf Vacations – Our staff can      help set up an enjoyable golf vacation in the US, Mexico, The Caribbean      and Europe.From local city courses to high-end resorts. Easy to use, make your own tee time, or we can help. View our huge variety of golf courses throughout the US at www.GoPlayGolf.com. Card may not be resold, see terms and conditions on website.
To redeem your eGift Card, go to www.GoPlayGolf.com to browse courses in your area.AttentionDo not take your Go Play Golf gift card directly to the golf course.Go Play Golf gift cards can be redeemed to play golf by following these three simple steps: Reserve a tee-time at a participating facility. Complete the simple redeem form at least 2 days prior to play. Go Play Golf will pay the golf course the amount designated the day prior to or the day of play.Go Play Golf gift cards may be redeemed for merchandise or converted to a Topgolf gift card as directed at www.goplaygolf.com .Go Play Golf gift cards may be redeemed for golf lessons by completing the Lesson Redemption Form at www.goplaygolf.com eGift Card may not be resold, doing so will void the value of the card.
Our terms and conditions are as follows:  Do NOT take this eGift Card directly to the golf course, doing so may void the eGift Card value. Treat this eGift Card as cash, lost or stolen eGift Cards cannot be replaced. All other conditions for use can be found at www.GoPlayGolf.com. This eGift Card may not be redeemed for cash except where required by law. Use of this eGift Card constitutes acceptance of these terms.

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