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    1. 可多次使用,三年有效期,过期后可拨打400-060-5151续延有效期。
    2. 礼品卡可用于购买店内所有商品包含正价、打折和促销商品。
    3. 顾客凭此卡可在gap.cn/oldnavy.cn官网以及全国gap正价门店(杭州仅限中大银泰和城西银泰店使用;北京崇文门新世界门店不可使用)、gap factory店、old navy正价门店使用,全国奥特莱斯店和清仓店不可使用。
    4. 本礼品卡不找零,不挂失,不开具发票。
    5. 超出礼品卡的多余部分金额可由其他支付方式补足
    1. Gift Cards/Digital Codes expire 3 years from date of activation. Please contact 400-060-5151 to extend the period of validity after the expiration date
    2. Available for all regular price goods and promotion sales
    3. Available for GAP, Gap Factory, Gap/OldNavy.cn, excludes Gap T-mall and Outlets stores
    4. Digital Codes cannot be redeemed for cash and remain the sole responsibility of the recipient should the Gift Cards/Digital Codes become lost or stolen
    5. Available for use with another payment method to make up the balance

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    Gap(盖璞)1969年创立于美国,是美国最大的服装公司之一,旗下拥有五个品牌(GAP、Banana Republic、Old Navy、Piperlime、Athleta )。Gap专注于美式休闲风服饰,现在中国大陆地区覆盖了32个城市,约128家门店

    Gap is one of the largest US clothing brand which founded in 1969 in the United States. Owns five brands (GAP, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime, Athleta), specializing in American casual style clothing.

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