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    비트 코인 또는 알트 코인 사용 9Mobile. Bitcoin, Lightning, Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin 또는 Ethereum으로 지불하십시오. 즉각적인 이메일 전송. 계정이 필요하지 않습니다. 암호 화폐 생활을 시작하십시오!

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    최소: 50 NGN최대: 24000 NGN
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    Reviews (10)

    Refill arrived in minutes, the cost compared to using a $ credit card service was less because there was no credit card fee. Make sure you select a low miner fee because the default is higher than a credit card fee Would recommend this method of recharge to anyone who is visiting Nigeria for a short period and does not want to end up the 1000's of Naira at the end of their trip.
    This is really a best way to top up airtime Believe me, it's super fast.
    Cletus Martin2017-11-21
    Simple and fast.Easy and convenient to use. I am really excited for bit-refill platform. Thanks so much
    Eje Michael2017-05-15
    I choose this rating cause it is awesome, my first time of using bitrefill gave me relieved and I wasn't scared. I have never in my years experience such. Bitrefill is amazing.
    David Nathaniel2017-03-22
    Bitrefill is awesome. I expected to wait a while before receiving my airtime but i got it instantly after payment. Nice!
    Your rates are high. Loaded 200 naira for a naira value of 330? Three much!
    This service is instant and awesome. Bitrefill rocks!!! I would surely recommend to my friends.
    I feel like I'm living 3 years ahead of time. This is super impressive. Everyone should know that there is no easier way to get recharge on your phone than through bitrefill
    OMG!!! this works incredibly fast. I was credited the very second I paid from my wallet, while on my bed with my computer. if you haven't tried this, you're missing alot
    Its very convenient for me and fast to use. sweet!

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