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Engelbecken Gastwirtschaft Germany
Engelbecken Gastwirtschaft

Engelbecken Gastwirtschaft

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Bitrefill's Engelbecken Gastwirtschaft gift card lets you shop and pay with Bitcoin & crypto.

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The "Engelbecken", which is located in the striking yellow corner building with the inviting terraces of Witzlebenstrasse / Steifensandstrasse. is to be found, has shaped the area around the Lietzensee visually and in culinary terms for over 20 years. But it wasn't always located there in Charlottenburg. Founded in 1995 in Berlin Kreuzberg, at the corner of Reichenberger Strasse on Erkelenzdamm, it owes its name to the nearby water basin in the historic Luisenstadt Canal, named after the Archangel Michael, which connected the Landwehr Canal with the Spree. The connection between the concept of Bavarian cuisine and the “somehow baroque and friendly” sounding name felt right for the three founders Marion Moutell, Stefan Vetter and Wolfgang Stoye.
With every voucher, our local business is supported during times of standstill

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