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Cette carte-cadeau est seul échangeable sur la plateforme de commerce électronique

Ebay est le site d'enchères en ligne original qui a rendu les achats sur Internet monnaie courante. Ebay vous permet de placer des offres sur des millions de produits, biens et services neufs et d'occasion. Maintenant, avec la carte-cadeau Ebay de Bitrefill, vous pouvez placer des offres avec Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin et Litecoin.

Ce code fonctionne dans les pays suivants: 🇺🇸 USA and 🇵🇷 Puerto Rico

You must have a U.S. eBay account, a U.S PayPal account, and a U.S. shipping address. Only redeemable for items that accept PayPal.

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To use this Gift Card, you must have a U.S. registered eBay account, a PayPal account, and a U.S. shipping address. Only redeemable for items listed on where PayPal is accepted.

Please note, it can take up to 4 hours for your eBay Gift Card to be activated and ready to be redeemed.

One Card. So Many Options. That’s exactly what eBay Gift Cards offer the recipient. Whether it’s new, unique, or something in-between, eBay has you covered for any gift, any occasion, every time! Shop from millions of items in Electronics, Toys, Motors, Fashion, Home & Garden, Art, Collectible, and many more categories! Best yet, eBay Gift Cards never expire and have no fees. Use it to shop now.

  • Pour utiliser votre carte-cadeau eBay, saisissez le code de remboursement à 13 chiffres lors du paiement.
  • Si vous avez reçu une carte-cadeau numérique par e-mail, le code d'échange se trouve dans l'e-mail.
  • Si vous avez une carte-cadeau physique, le code d'échange se trouve au dos de la carte. Grattez doucement le revêtement de sécurité pour voir le code de remboursement.
  • Veuillez noter que l'activation et la disponibilité de votre carte-cadeau eBay peuvent prendre jusqu'à 4 heures.
bitrefill is a 100% great business to deal with. ebay is not. they seem to randomly freeze gift cards as mentioned in some other reviews here. they will stonewall you for days or even weeks and leave you with little to no answers after jumping through hoops to provide all the information they want. bitrefill took care of me after ebay locked my giftcard.
Fast & Easy!
I really liked how I was able to swap eth for gift cards. So much faster and easier. I would defiantly use this again!!!
Frank Dees2021-09-07
Great way to spend some Ether! Very low fee. Fast and convenient!
Not sure if fault of Bitrefill but be AWARE-- eBay might "freeze" your account or giftcard as they did for me. Bitrefill sent me code instantly as always, however it said there is no balance when I tried to use it. Bitrefill support told me to contact eBay support. After contacting eBay support, they required me to send me pictures of stuff with a handwritten note... My ebay account is like 7 years old with 100+ 100% feedback!! Ebay is scummy company, bitrefill seems good, but be aware what eBay might do. I would not recommend buying an ebay giftcard unless you have at least 5 days before you need to use it. Unfortunately I won't be able to pay for the item I won in time... assuming they even unfreeze it. The rep I talked to said "I apologize I can't see any reason why your card is frozen." Just FYI
Funcionou perfeitamente, uma boa forma de fugir de taxas absurdas dependendo do país.
Frank Dees2021-05-30
I have been using Bitrefill for 6 months now. Can not say how much I value this company! Everything is easy and smooth, within 5 minutes I have my gift cards, I usually purchase Amazon gift cards, But this time I was buying a graphics card on Ebay, so I used some of my Ethereum to buy it. Thanks so much! Saves fees!
The Far Shore2021-04-10
Extremely fast and easy to use with the coinbase wallet app. I was able to buy a PS5 in 10 mins. I will definitely use this again
NumaTech 2021-03-18
it works perfectly
Entrega imediata, confiável!!!

Treat your eBay Gift Card like cash. To use this Gift Card, you must have a U.S. registered eBay account, a PayPal account, and a U.S. shipping address. Only redeemable for items listed on where PayPal is accepted. After first use, the Gift Card is non-transferrable. Not refundable or redeemable for cash unless required by law. This Gift Card never expires and there are no fees. This card is subject to full terms and conditions. Redemption limits apply.

To check balance, seek assistance, or read the full terms and conditions visit

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