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Gift Card Deliveroo

1% Ricompense

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Questa gift card è riscattabile sulla piattaforma di e-commerce e presso il negozio fisico

Usa Bitcoin o crypto su Deliveroo. Paga con Bitcoin, Lightning, Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin o Ethereum. Consegna via email istantanea. Nessun account richiesto. Inizia a vivere con le crypto!

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A Deliveroo gift card is the perfect gift for any food lover! Access an enormous selection of the best local restaurants with the convenience of having your food delivered direct to your door, all in just a few simple clicks.
To enjoy your Deliveroo Gift Card, simply follow the steps below. Entering the code using the Deliveroo App: 1. Open the Deliveroo App 2. Tap the account Icon in the top right corner of the home screen 3. Select 'Account credit' 4. Tap 'Add code' 5. Enter the unique voucher code Entering the code using a Desktop: 1. Open your web browser and enter 2. Log in to your account 3. Select a restaurant, add your desired items to the basket and proceed to checkout 4. At the bottom of the page, select 'Add promo code' Upon redeeming this gift card the expiry term is 3 years (please note that there is a display issue where the year is not present within the Deliveroo App).
Works! Have to enter the code in the "promo code" section on the checkout page
Deliveroo gift cards (''Gift Cards'') may only be redeemed towards the purchase of Meals from our Service. To redeem the credit loaded on your Gift Card , enter the unique promo code on the Gift Card at the checkout when you order your next Meal and your Deliveroo account will be credited with the amount loaded on your Gif Card(''Credit''). You may use your Credit to order multiple Meals from our Service (i.e. your Credit is not limited to one order). If a purchase of any Meal exceeds your Credit, the remaining amount of your order must be paid with another Payment Method. If a purchase of any Meal is less than your Credit, the balance of your Credit will remain loaded to your account for future purchases. To view your Credit balance, visit your Deliveroo account. The full terms and conditions can be found under Corporate Gift Card Terms & Conditions. Upon redeeming this gift card the expiry term is 3 years (please note that there is a display issue where the year is not present within the Deliveroo App).

Come funziona Gift Cards

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