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Chase Visa & Mastercard
Chase Visa & Mastercard

Chase Visa & Mastercard

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Our Bill Pay service is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Balance on your bill account will be credited within 3 business days. Local cutoff time: 05:45 PM. To avoid late fees, pay your bill early.

Works great! Love the 5% cashback you can get paying the Lightning Invoice with Strike. Getting money to pay off bills is awesome.
Wow. I can believe I paid my chase credit card debt with a very little fee. it took a day to approve the transaction and the next day it's already showing on my chase bank.
Fantastic! The balance of my credit card account was updated two days after my bill payment.
Worked great, showed up in the three days it takes to process. It’ll show up on the app as paid first before you get the email confirming it from Chase.
Works like a charm! Simply provided my credit card number, paid my balance in BTC, and voila, bill has been paid off!
Great payment system
The payment system works as described.
Works perfectly as described. Wish the process time could be a bit faster. But overall it is good!

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How bills work

Add your bill details

Find your bill by browsing through the categories, then add your credit card number or account number for bills like your mortgage, and the amount to pay.

Verify US proof of address (only once!)

Go through our quick process to upload documentation that verifies you as having a US address.

Pay with your preferred coin and wallet

Pay with Bitcoin (on-chain and Lightning), Ethereum, USDT, USDC, Binance Pay, Litecoin and more. And that’s it, your bill account will be credited within 3 business days!