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Casa Gold 1 Year Subscription
Casa Gold 1 Year Subscription

Casa Gold 1 Year Subscription Gift Card

1% Rewards

Use Bitcoin or crypto on Casa Gold 1 Year Subscription. Pay with Bitcoin, Lightning, Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin or Ethereum. Instant email delivery. No account required. Start living on crypto!

  • Instant delivery

  • Fast, Private, Safe

Casa is the world’s first personal key manager. Our “multisig”(or multisignature) subscription service protects your bitcoin with multiple keys, so losing one key doesn't mean losing funds. Most wallets use only one key, which doesn’t adequately protect your bitcoin from loss or theft. If you lose that key, your bitcoin is gone. With Casa Gold, three keys protect your bitcoin, but you only need two to spend it. A lost key does not mean lost bitcoin, since you still have two keys left. If you do lose a key or have one stolen, you can swap it out for a new one. Simply transfer your bitcoin to the new, healthy set of keys using your two remaining keys from the initial set. Casa App walks you through it all, step by step.
You can redeem your Casa Gift Card online at Simply enter the Casa Gift Card Promo Code, and the gift card will be applied. We collect credit card information in case State and Local municipality taxes apply, and for the purpose renewing subscriptions, however customers may cancel at anytime.
Please see for full Terms and Conditions.

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