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Cafe Delhi Heights 礼品卡
Cafe Delhi Heights

Cafe Delhi Heights 礼品卡


用加密货币支付 Cafe Delhi Heights 。用Bitcoin, Lightning, Ethereum, Binance Pay, USDT, USDC, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash买 Cafe Delhi Heights 礼品卡 .电子邮件即时交付。无需注册帐户。用加密货币生活!

🇮🇳 这个礼品卡只能在 India使用
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Enjoy global cuisines with a Delhi twist at Cafe Delhi Heights. This chain of restaurants has some of the yummiest and fulfilling dishes on its menu. Whether you love something oriental or a desi chaat, you will find it all at an outlet near you. GyFTR brings you Cafe Delhi Heights Gift Cards with different denominations. Enjoy delicious deals and discounts on these vouchers… exclusively from GyFTR.
Important Instructions Gift Vouchers are ACCEPTED at all Listed Outlets. Gift Voucher once expired cannot be revalidated. Multiple Gift Vouchers can be used in one bill. How To Redeem ? 1- Visit the listed Café Delhi Heights restaurant that accepts the Gift Voucher. Inform the cashier about the Gift Voucher before ordering food. 2- Order food & enjoy your meal! 3- Provide the Gift Voucher to the cashier at the time of billing & pay the remaining amount by card or cash if any.
1.This is Café Delhi Heights Insta Gift Voucher (GV) / Gift Card (GC) and would be accepted at all the listed restaurants only. 2.The person who has Café Delhi Heights Voucher GV / GC Code is deemed to be the beneficiary. 3.Do inform the cashier that you plan to use the GV / GC for making payments before billing. 4.Only the listed outlets at their sole discretion accept the GV / GC. Café Delhi Heights may add or remove an outlet without giving any prior notice. 5.More than one GV / GC can be used in one bill. One customer is not allowed to use GV value more than Rs 5000. 6.This is a ONE time use GV / GC. 7.No Credit note / Refund for the unused amount of the GV / GC will be given. 8.Café Delhi Heights GV / GC CAN NOT be revalidated once expired. 9.Cafe Delhi Heights GV / GC cannot be clubbed with ongoing promotions/Loyalty cards/offers at the outlet and the other properties i.e. (Zomato, Dineout, Easy diner & others). 10.Cafe Delhi Heights GV / GC cannot be redeemed on specific block out dates – 25th Dec, 31st Dec, 1st Jan and 14th Feb. 11.Any dispute related to the GV / GC should be referred to the issuing company and the decision of the issuing company shall be final. 12.Cafe Delhi Heights makes full efforts to accept Insta Gift Vouchers (GV) / Gift Card (GC), but on account of any technical/administrative reasons an outlet may refuse to accept the same. 13.If an Insta Gift Voucher (GV) /Gift Card (GC) gets blocked on account of a technical issue, it would get enabled in 72 hours. 14.Please contact the Restaurant Manager for any acceptance issue and if the issue is still not resolved, you can raise a request at









Cafe Delhi Heights 不接受加密货币,但通过 Bitrefill 您可以用比特币或其他加密货币购买 Cafe Delhi Heights 礼品卡。然后可以在 Cafe Delhi Heights 使用此礼品卡
您可以轻松地将您的比特币或加密货币转换为 Cafe Delhi Heights数字礼物卡。
  1. 输入你想要的Cafe Delhi Heights 礼品卡金额 。
  2. 选择您要用于支付的加密货币,例如比特币、比特币闪电网络、以太坊、USDT、USDC、莱特币、狗狗币、达世币。或者,您可以使用 Binance Pay 进行支付。
  3. 一旦您的付款被确认,您将获得您的 Cafe Delhi Heights 礼品卡代码。
一旦您购买了 Bitrefill 的Cafe Delhi Heights 礼品卡,它几乎会立即通过电子邮件发送给您。或者您可以直接从结账页面兑换礼品卡。
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