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Bánh Mì Pate - PateDeli Gift Card
Bánh Mì Pate - PateDeli

Bánh Mì Pate - PateDeli Gift Card

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Brand Description:
Bread Pate was born combining tradition with modern values ​​to bring you peace of mind every time you enjoy it.
With an airy, cool and comfortable open space right in the heart of Saigon, Banh Mi Pate will be a great place to stop for you to "charge up" your energy to continue the new day.
Banh Mi has a light aroma with a soft, smooth, non-crumbling, non-drying crust and filling created by skilled bakers.
The sticky sticky rice is fragrant, combined with a variety of salty, sweet, sour and spicy toppings, making the taste neutral, making the audience unable to stop.
With the main color tone is bright orange, Banh Mi Pate wishes to become a friendly friend and companion in everyday life.
Stop by to enjoy the crispy hot bread rolls and the fragrant sticky sticky rice boxes.

This voucher can be redeemed at the following stores:
- 18A2, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, P.5, Q.1, TP.Ho Chi Minh
- 19, Vo Van Tan, P.Vo Thi Sau, Q.3, TP.Ho Chi Minh
  • Visit tto order and enter the voucher code in the "Additional Notes" section. Contact Hotline: 0838 82 1818 for support.
  • After using the voucher at the website, the customer service staff will contact the customer to help the customer choose a daily meal including bread and sticky rice with 1 drink (Cafe, Pepsi Cola, 7up, Soy Milk, Pumpkin Ginseng) and meals will be delivered to your order place in 5 consecutive days. (Pate Deli applies freeship policy in District 3, HCMC)
  • You can use multiple eGifts on the same invoice.
  • eGift is applied in conjunction with other promotions.
  • Selling price includes VAT. UrBox issues VAT invoice for UrBox's E-voucher service
  • Customers who need to issue invoices should contact hotline 1900 299 232 | for support. Note: Time to receive information for processing: 24 hours from the date the customer changes the E-voucher
  • Time to pay VAT invoice: 15 working days from the date of receiving information
  • Customers can freely choose 01 Food (Bread or Sticky Rice) and 01 Drink, including:
  • Bread: Pate Bread / Mixed Bread / Grilled American Beef Fillet Bread / Chicken Char Siu Bread / Shrimp and Meat Pate Bread / Egg Pate Bread.
  • Sticky Rice: Mixed Sticky Rice / Chicken Xa Xiu Sticky Rice / Roasted Chicken Sticky Rice.
  • eGift is valid for one-time use only. Do not accept eGift beyond its expiry date, status "Used".
  • eGift will not be refunded for change and is not exchangeable for cash. Customers may be asked to pay more if they use more than the value of the eGift.
  • Customers are responsible for keeping eGift information confidential after placing an order. UrBox will not be responsible for returning eGifts that are lost or in "Used" status after the time the eGift is exported for any reason.
  • UrBox is not responsible for the quality of the products or services provided, nor for any subsequent disputes between the customer and Bread Pate - PateDeli.
  • UrBox reserves the right to amend or change the terms and conditions without prior notice.
  • Please contact UrBox Hotline: 1900 299 232 (from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily, including public holidays) for support.
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