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Aurelia is a contemporary ethnic wear brand targeted at women looking for great design, fit and quality for their casual and work wear requirements. Derived from Latin means golden & dazzling; surrounded by admirers was launched in 2007, and already has a lot of admirers. This brand is distributed across India at more than 1030 multi brand outlets (MBOs) and department stores and has a strong base of loyal consumers and retailers who come back for more each season. We have more than 200+ EBO?s across India.

Aurelia is a brand taking its cues from the rich heritage of Indian art and craft with products that are classic and tasteful in design, rendering them easy to wear and acceptable to most Indian women. It offers four ranges each year: Spring-Summer and Festive-Winter and each range are designed to differentiate from the previous offerings, thus ensuring an impulse purchase.




  • This is a Aurelia Insta Gift Voucher (GV) / Gift Card (GC) and would be accepted at all Aurelia listed outlets (For outlet list, please visit
  • The person who has the Aurelia GV / GC Code is deemed to be the beneficiary.
  • Do inform the cashier that you plan to use the GV / GC for making payments before billing.
  • Only the listed Aurelia outlets at its sole discretion accept the GV / GC. Aurelia may add or remove an outlet without giving any prior notice.
  • More than one GV / GC can be used in one bill.
  • This is a ONE time use GV / GC.
  • No Credit note / Refund for the unused amount of the GV / GC will be given.
  • Aurelia GV / GC CANNOT be revalidated once expired.
  • Aurelia GV / GC can be used during sale.
  • Aurelia GV / GC cannot be redeemed on specific block out dates. Aurelia may add or delete any date on its sole discretion.
  • Any dispute related to the Insta Gift Voucher (GV) / Insta Gift Card (GC) should be referred to the issuing company and the decision of the issuing company shall be final.
  • Aurelia makes full efforts to accept Insta Gift Voucher (GV) / Gift Card (GC), but on account of any technical / administrative reasons an outlet may refuse to accept the same.
  • If an Insta Gift Voucher (GV) / Gift Card (GC) gets blocked on account of technical issue, it would get enabled in 72 hours.
  • Please contact Shop manager for any acceptance issue and if issue is still not resolved, you can write in to or call 18004199150 for immediate help

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