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Orders in Iraq are subject to a local VAT tax of 20%
Really worked and so fast I cant beleive it really worked thanks so much now my online money has benefit and worthy to earn :)
tax/price conversion2021-03-21
This has very unfavorable tax/price conversion for these 2 reasons: 1. You buy 30,000 dinar with 22 dolar (which is around 32000) 2. You get taxed around 20% which gives you the estimate of 24000 dinar. You lost around 8000 dinar (5.5$) 3. The higher the prices go the higher this lost income goes. If you buy the highest package which is 89$ you lose around 23$!!!! This is a new thing to Iraq and Iraqis, it should not be packaged in a way that turns everyone off to gain few extra bucks.
awesome service
jotiyar abdullah2021-01-23
please chek my ballance please
will buy again

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