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최소: 100 UGX최대: 80000 UGX
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I received a fraction less and it was credited to my airtime account not airtel money
Mumbere Elia2018-04-23
Thanks to the web designer. Its really perfect. I got my refill in less than 5 minutes. REQUEST Please may you also enable mobile money account refilling just as refilling airtime is, also work on depositing mobilemoney operator account say airtelmoney account from the site directly. Thanks for thus wonderful service Yours sincerely, Mumbere Elia From Uganda
Katende Ibrahim 2018-03-27
For real bitrefill is owesum cause here in Uganda buying mobile credit is a problem of its own and now for me and my friends we got a solution already and the perfect solution is Bitrefill
Edmond 2020-04-17
Mahammad Razor2019-11-12

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