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AirlineGift Gift Card

AirlineGift Gift Card

This gift card is only redeemable on the e-commerce platform

Pay on AirlineGift with Crypto. Buy AirlineGift Gift Cards with Bitcoin, Lightning, Ethereum, Binance Pay, USDT, USDC, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash. Instant email delivery. No account required. Start living on crypto!

🇨🇭 This gift code may only work in Switzerland
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AirlineGift offers the world’s best airlines gift card and online travel booking selection with a unique choice of 450 Airlines to book a flight to almost anywhere in the world. AirlineGift offers travel brands such as Delta Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, British Airways, Qantas, Air France, KLM, Southwest Airlines, Air Canada, Emirates, Etihad, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines and hundreds of other trusted travel partners. AirlineGift provides a unique feature of online split payments allowing you to use two payment cards to complete your purchase transaction with instant bonus travel rewards.

Can only be redeemed (used) online through this website:

1) Register an account on and click on Book Trip | Redeem

2) Search, book and purchase according to your product needs. the

3) Once you have selected the option that best suits your needs, enter the details of the person or all persons involved in the booking or product transaction

4) Go to the checkout page, copy and paste your e-Gift Card code into the "Redeem e-Gift Card Code" box, then click "Submit", the next step is to agree to the terms and conditions, click "Order Now" to complete your order and transaction, and you will receive a confirmation email shortly.

1. Pro Transaktion sind maximal 2 E-Geschenkkartencodes zulässig. Wenn Ihr Warenkorbwert den Wert der E-Geschenkkarten übersteigt, können Sie die Differenz mit Visa, MasterCard oder American Express bezahlen.

2. TripGift-Geschenkkarten haben eine Gültigkeitsdauer von 12 Monaten ab Ausstellung, mit Ausnahme von Geschenkkarten mit Wohnsitz in Nordamerika, die nicht ablaufen. Die Ablauffrist beträgt in Irland 60 Monate und in Australien und Deutschland 36 Monate, vorbehaltlich der örtlichen Landes- und Landesgesetze und etwaiger erforderlicher Resterstattungswerte für die einzelnen Bundesstaaten und Länder. Die vollständigen Geschäftsbedingungen zu Währung und Einlösungsvoraussetzungen im Wohnsitzland finden Sie unter

3. Alle Website-Inhalte, Kundenservice, Tickets und eVoucher werden in englischer Sprache sein. Geschenkkarten und E-Gutscheine können nicht umgetauscht oder erstattet werden.

4. Für schnelle Antworten und Fragen zu Geschenkkarten und ihrer besten Verwendung besuchen Sie bitte

1. A maximum of 2 E-Gift Card codes are allowed per transaction. If your shopping cart value exceeds the value of the e-gift cards, you can pay the difference with Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

2. TripGift gift cards are valid for 12 months from date of issue, except for North American residents gift cards which do not expire. The expiration period is 60 months in Ireland and 36 months in Australia and Germany, subject to local state and provincial laws and any required residual recoverable values for each state and country. For full terms and conditions regarding currency and redemption requirements in country of residence, please visit

3. All website content, customer service, tickets and eVouchers will be in English. Gift cards and e-vouchers cannot be exchanged or refunded.

4. For quick answers and questions about gift cards and their best use, please visit

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How gift cards work

Enter the amount

Select or type the amount you want the card to have.

Pay with your preferred coin

Your payment is confirmed the same minute in most cases.

That's it, ready to use it!

Redeem your card at your chosen retailer according to their instructions.

Frequently asked questions

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AirlineGift does not accept crypto but Bitrefill provides a workaround by allowing you to purchase an AirlineGift gift card with Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. This gift card can then be used to make purchases at AirlineGift.
You can easily convert your Bitcoins or crypto to a digital AirlineGift gift card.
Once you have purchased an AirlineGift gift card at Bitrefill, it will be emailed to you almost instantly. Or you can redeem the gift card directly from the checkout page.
Some great gift cards that people in Switzerland usually buy are USD, BucketlistGift CH, Flightgift EUR, Flightgift USD and FlixBus. You can find a lot more options by visiting the gift card section.
If you have a question that's not answered here, you can visit our help center and we'll be happy to assist you.