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Airbnb 礼品卡

Airbnb 礼品卡

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用加密货币支付 Airbnb 。用Bitcoin, Lightning, Ethereum, Binance Pay, USDT, USDC, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Dash买 Airbnb 礼品卡 .电子邮件即时交付。无需注册帐户。用加密货币生活!

🇧🇷 这个礼品卡只能在 Brazil使用
  • 150 BRL

  • 300 BRL

  • 500 BRL

  • USD
  • Euro
  • GBP
  • AUD
  • CAD
  • INR
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin (sats)
  • Litecoin
  • Ether
  • USDC
  • USDT
  • Dash
  • Dogecoin
  • 即时、私密、安全

  • 电子邮件发送

Airbnb is a hosting platform that connects people looking for unique accommodations with hosts offering exceptional spaces in more than 220 countries and regions. From treehouses to castles, from historic villas to beach houses, Airbnb has something for every taste and budget.

  1. Sign up or log in at;
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen;
  3. The value of the code will be automatically deducted when you make a booking.


  • The credit does not expire and there is no limit to the number of cards per purchase.

  • Gift Cards purchased in Brazil can only be used by residents of Brazil. You also need to have a valid payment method issued in Brazil.

  • The balance does not expire & there is no limit on cards per purchase

  • Gift Cards purchased in Brazil can only be used by residents of Brazil. You also need to have a valid payment method issued in Brazil.

  • Validity: 3 months to link to the Airbnb platform. Once added to your Airbnb account, credits never expire.

  • Valid for booking any accommodation, in-person experience, or online experience on Airbnb in Brazil.

  • The Card is not reloadable and cannot be exchanged for cash, refunded, returned, or resold, except as required by law.

  • The issuer will not be responsible in case of loss, damage, or theft of the Card, nor for its unauthorized use.

  • Check the Card balance by logging into your Airbnb account.

  • Issued by Airbnb Digital Platform Ltda. See the terms at

  • Usage on Airbnb website or app. A valid Airbnb account is required to link the Gift Card.

  • The credit from the Airbnb Gift Card can be used for multiple purchases until the balance is used up. You can also supplement payment with other available methods.

  • Once the Gift Card is linked to an Airbnb account, the value cannot be transferred to another person or Airbnb account.

  • The Airbnb Gift Card will be sent instantly after redemption confirmation. In case of non-receipt after the delivery deadline, please contact our customer support.

  • There are no fees charged on the purchase/activation of the Card.









Airbnb 不接受加密货币,但通过 Bitrefill 您可以用比特币或其他加密货币购买 Airbnb 礼品卡。然后可以在 Airbnb 使用此礼品卡
您可以轻松地将您的比特币或加密货币转换为 Airbnb数字礼物卡。
  1. 输入你想要的Airbnb 礼品卡金额 。
  2. 选择您要用于支付的加密货币,例如比特币、比特币闪电网络、以太坊、USDT、USDC、莱特币、狗狗币、达世币。或者,您可以使用 Binance Pay 进行支付。
  3. 一旦您的付款被确认,您将获得您的 Airbnb 礼品卡代码。
一旦您购买了 Bitrefill 的Airbnb 礼品卡,它几乎会立即通过电子邮件发送给您。或者您可以直接从结账页面兑换礼品卡。
在Brazil人们最喜欢的礼品卡是 Uber, USD, Flightgift EUR, Shell QEEQ Car Rental. 您可以通过访问礼品卡部分找到更多选项.
如果您有其他的问题,您可以访问 我们的帮助中心 我们很乐意为您提供帮助。