Presenting ETH & USDT Top-Ups For Bitrefill Account Balances

You demanded it and we delivered! We’re excited to announce that you can add funds to your Bitrefill balances with ETH, USDT on Ethereum, and USDT on Tron.

Credit Your Bitrefill Account Balance With ETH & USDT

Bitrefill balance accounts have been a great tool for living on crypto, but they were previously limited to Bitcoin-only as a method to add funds to your account balance. Now you can add funds to your account balance with ETH & USDT, too!

Bitrefill account holders have been well aware of the ability to add funds to their account balance with Bitcoin & Lightning, and also how they can leave their balance in Satoshis, or, during times of market volatility, choose to instantly convert the funds they are adding to their USD or EUR account balance.

This kicks down the door wide open for thousands of Bitrefillers to add funds to their accounts with the world’s most used tokens.

Let’s find out how!

How Do I Add Funds To My Bitrefill Account Balance With ETH & USDT?

Step 1

To get started, you need to create a Bitrefill account (If you have one, jump to step 2.) It’s super easy, only takes a minute, and only requires an email address. Navigate to, and click the big red CREATE ACCOUNT BUTTON in the upper right hand corner.

You’ll need to add an email address under your control and a password.  Confirm that you accept the terms and conditions and choose if you want to receive our newsletter and sporadic promo emails.  Next you’ll need to go to your email and confirm the email address.

Step 2

Login to your Bitrefill account and click on the account button in the upper right hand corner next to the shopping cart button.

Next, click on your email address to be taken to your account page.

Step 3

Now that you’re on your account page which shows your account balances, click on the big red button that says ADD FUNDS. This will take you to the Top-Up Balance page.

From the Top-Up Balance Page, you’ll see an option to choose “from” and “to”.

Click on “from” and choose if you want to add funds with ETH, USDT (ERC-20), or USDT (TRC-20).

When you add funds with ETH or USDT, you’ll need to choose which Bitrefill balance you want to add the credit to. You can choose between USD and EUR.

Step 4

After 4 onchain confirmations on the Ethereum network and 20 on Tron, you’ll see the amount added to your chosen Bitrefill balance, and you’re ready to make a purchase.

Now that you’ve added funds to your Bitrefill account, you’re ready to shop for more than 5000 gift cards, bill payments and mobile refill products in 180+ countries. Enjoy everything we have to offer, as the world’s largest crypto store.

Bitrefill account holders also instantly receive 1-10% Bitcoin-back rewards on every single purchase!

If you have any question, let us know on Twitter!
Thank you for choosing Bitrefill.

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