Best Crypto Credit Cards in 2023

Cryptocurrency has come a long way. You've heard your friends talk about it, maybe you find yourself holding some beloved digital treasures, and now you want to spend it like the regular currency it’s meant to become. Say no more! In this article, we've compiled a list of the best crypto credit cards you can get in 2023.

But before diving deep into crypto cards, we must introduce you to Bitrefill. This amazing platform lets you buy almost anything with crypto, bypassing the need for banks and exchanges. With over 7,000 products available in 180 countries, you're never too far from treating yourself to that new gadget or booking that exotic getaway.

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1. Crypterium Card: The All-Purpose Champion

The Crypterium Card is one of the best all-rounders in crypto credit cards. It supports many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. With the accompanying Crypterium Wallet app, you can manage your card, top it up with crypto, and even track your spending in real time. The Crypterium Card is a solid choice for users who hold multiple cryptocurrencies and want a simple, all-in-one solution.

2. Nexo Card: Financial Flexibility At Its Finest

The Nexo Card is all about making your cryptocurrency work for you. This card lets you spend without ever selling your precious crypto assets by offering crypto-backed credit lines. In addition to flexible repayments, what sets Nexo Card apart is the seamless integration with the Nexo Wallet app, giving you instant cashback on every purchase and the ability to spend in over 45 fiat currencies without any foreign exchange fees.

3. Visa Card: A Perk-Lover's Delight

Reward lovers, listen up! The Visa Card is all about perks. It comes in five different tiers, plus this card offers sleek benefits like cashback, free Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon Prime subscriptions, and even access to select airport lounges. But there's a catch: to access higher tier cards, you'll have to stake a more significant amount of's native token (CRO holder or are seeking that extra bling lifestyle, this card is for you!

4. BitPay Card: The Eager Spender's Ideal Match

If you're an avid spender who wants a card supporting crypto and traditional payments, the BitPay Card should be on your radar. This Mastercard-backed card lets you load up your balance with Bitcoin and makes transactions a breeze by instantly converting your crypto to USD. With no transaction fees and added security measures—including an EMV chip and support for contactless payments—it's perfect for those who enjoy a seamless crypto-spending experience.

Wrapping It Up

The world of crypto credit cards is rapidly expanding, and now you can make the most out of your cryptocurrency with these top-tier options. Whether you seek flexibility, rewards, or just uncomplicated spending, there's a card to satisfy your needs.  

By the way! Bitrefill sells a non-reloadable prepaid Mastercard, available in select regions, making shopping with crypto even more accessible. With over 7,000 products in 180 countries and a seamless user experience, why not give Bitrefill a go? Embrace the future of spending, and experience the convenience and power of crypto with Bitrefill!

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